Hello world, again!

After years of silence, I am reactivating my Blog on sternisko.com

It all started in 2002 as a pure HTML playground for my first steps into “programming”. Later on, I extended it with CSS. First steps into separating content and style, you know. Another overhaul added basic SEO. Even if it wasn’t called SEO back in the day.

The contents from back then seem nowadays hilarious reaching from presentation of school projects to statistical analysis for parties among my crowd. However, those articles could only be understood by a small number of people so they have been archived in the noughties, already.

It must have been in 2006 when I started working with PHP and MySQL and — again for the purpose of experimenting — transformed the Blog into a basic CMS. It featured an editor and user comments, categories and media upload, protected admin area, dynamic layout, a simple yet effective spam filter and an RSS feed for the lazy among us.

The Blog soon became a shared diary for my closest friends and family. The technical foundation of it saw several forks to host other private blogs or organization websites. However, back in the day some other folks had similar ideas and converted them into successful businesses. With my focus as a programmer going to directions other than web development, around the year 2010 the Blog was obsolete and fell into oblivion.

Many years passed ever since. Nowadays, there is a plethora of social media available. Other than I expected, none of them seem to last forever and I found that much of my most valued information sources are private blogs. Since leaving university I didn’t do much publishing but every now and then I wrote a few words here and there. It’s easy to loose track when changing the channel every few years.

Eventually, I decided to bring back the Blog. The tech behind it wont be self-made (I promise :D) and instead rely on nowadays established tools like WordPress etc. I will try to match the previous design(s) and extend them later on. The content will cover mostly tech I guess but might go beyond that every now and then. Might be I republish some of the articles from the early days, like the Linux system 101. I will also use the Blog as a backing resource for details I am skipping on other channels like Medium.

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